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Need a personalized illustrated service?


Need illustrations for your project?


I create the illustrations that will highlight your message and your story.

Custom pattern design on fabric

Do you want a personalized fabric for one of your creations, for a tailor-made garment or a decorative object?

I draw with you the print of your dreams.

Development of illustrated books

Want to create an illustrated book but don't know where to start?

I accompany you at each stage of the development of your project so that it fits your vision.

Logo design

Need a logo that reflects the values of your company or association?

I am listening to you so that it is perfectly adapted to your vision and your message.

Explore my galleries of illustrations and projects

Discover projects and illustrations and illustrated fabrics that I have already made for associative projects, individuals or personal projects.


Contact me to establish a quote or simply to talk about your project on the phone or via video call! I guide you free of charge on the first call to help you organize the next stage of your project (without obligation to buy).


“We collaborated with Marie Le Dantec in the context of the production of the Samson 1 and Samson 2 books. Marie Le Dantec stands out for her involvement, her sensitivity and the respect for the various people who participated in the book proofreading committees. She was very interested and invested in the theme. She was able to grasp the emotions and the complexity of the feedback in order to adjust her work. We really enjoyed making these books together. We can only recommend her. »

Carole T., Co-founder of the Particip'Action association

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