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Photo credit: Design Days

Hi there ! My name is Marie Le Dantec, and I'm the multidisciplinary designer and illustrator behind MLD 😊 I'm French, based in Switzerland for the past 10 years. I started my career with twelve years of study in physics and materials science, then I chose to study visual communication. Indeed, I realized when taking my first lessons that drawing helps me to channel my emotions. I also noticed that there was an untapped potential in communicating scientific research, there is definitely room for improvement! Finally, tons of things fascinate me in nature and in human emotions, and I want to be able to share this with you rather than only with bottom of my drawers!

I love multidisciplinary projects involving illustration and I had the chance to work at the crossroads of different disciplines such as design, natural sciences and social sciences. I am very curious, I always want to understand everything and I need positivity on a daily basis!

Through my illustrations, I would like to create spaces for reflection and wonder on various subjects in order to promote curiosity and sharing. My style is sensitive and poetic, with an occasional touch of humor, and a particular emphasis on nature and emotions. I mainly paint in watercolor and ink, but I like to explore other techniques like crayon, charcoal and digital drawing on my tablet! Projects that promote ecology, nature, social topics, inclusivity, curiosity, art and education are some of my favorites!

Do not hesitate to contact me ! I am more always happy to read your messages !

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