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Master of art in design:

prospects in foster care

As a governmental institution, all citizens are concerned with the child protection system. Thus, understanding and debate at the individual, mediatic and political levels are necessary for it to be preserved and improved. Yet, foster care is a complex system rarely made accessible to the general public. Documents on the subject are often only tackled from a particular angle and/or targeted to professionals. 

How can visual communication create accessibility and engagement with such a topic?

This thesis explores illustration and storytelling strategies as tools to create empathy in the reader while conveying complexity and different points of view. The background work is based on testimonies, interviews and scientific publications.

Two books are presented as practical examples of this study. The first book uses illustration as the medium to create empathy in the reader. The second book is a fiction where the reader can choose at each chapter the character from the point of view of which they want to read the story.

The project is ongoing until June 2021, but here are some illustrations that were developed for the project. The copyright belongs to the ZhdK. More information about this project will be given in June, after graduation.

Illustration-sans-titre 2.jpg
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