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I usually develop the logos by hand on my tablet before vectorizing them on Adobe Illustrator, where I can also add fonts and adjust colors and lines. Here are a few examples of logos I worked on, with some sketches and the final result!


TerraSoliBé is a french association aiming at building partnership with Benin, through helping improving access to education and infrastructures, especially around Sahou.

Their logo was drawn around the keywords of solidarity, together, links, construction and positivity.


Hase & Fuchs

Hase & Fuchs (Rabbit and Fox) is a real estate project commissioned by Primus Property to, a marketing company I was working for for two years.

The logo is based on the idea of being like "rabbit and fox"(good companionship) with the neighbours, as well as living in the nature.



Ergane is a textile project based on fun prints aiming at getting the customers curious about nature and science. Ergane also only prints on sustainable textiles.

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